Committed to innovation, Western Environmental Protection Co。, Ltd persists in using the thinking of "Creation Promotes Development" to guide its work。 The independent R&D center was founded at the beginning of its establishment。 With a professional R&D team and a domestic first-class expert advisory team, this R&D center focuses on eco-friendly products including soil improvement, desulfurization and denitrification and so on。

The R&D center attaches much importance to the cooperation between production and research。 It builds a long-term strategic cooperative relation with some prestigious institutes such as Chinese Academy of Sciences, Guangdong Institute of World Soil Resources established by Hongda Xingye Co。, Ltd (Stock name: Hongda Xingye; Stock code: 002002)。 Guangdong Institute of World Soil Resources dedicates to the R&D about soil prevention and restoration technologies, and extends the categories and applications of soil restoration products。

Since 2010, the R&D center has produced various eco-products, among which “acidic soil conditioner’s R&D” was registered as an item of science and technology achievements in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. In the future, the R&D center will step up the innovation, promote the integration between production and research, and constantly explore the soil improvement and eco-products’ R&D.

Address:Guangzhou Circle,No.1 Guangzhou Circle Rd,Liwan District,Guangzhou.

Tel:+86 473-4333851,400-6688-988

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