Introduction of “Harbest” Soil Conditioner

Introduction of the Products

"Harbest" soil conditioner is a newly-developed environmental-friendly soil conditioner independently researched and developed by Western Environmental Protection Co., Ltd. They can be used for the remediation of acid and alkaline soil and saline soil.

"Harbest" Alkaline Soil Conditioner

"Harbest" alkaline soil conditioner takes such byproducts as desulphurization gypsum and weathered coal of coal desulfurization process via coal-fired boiler as raw materials and is processed through a series of special techniques. The product can effectively reduce the SO42-、Cl-、Na+、Mg2+ in the saline and alkaline soil as well as the alkalinity and salinity of the soil, and thus achieve soil improvement.


a. Effectively improve soil structure and lower soil alkalinity

b。 Enhance soil microbial activity and soil volume

c。 Promote the formation of soil granular structure

d. Adjust the C/N ratio of soil, and activate soil microbes that are beneficial.

"Harbest" Acid Soil Conditioner:

Acid soil conditioner takes harmlessly disposed alkaline calcium slag as the main raw materials and is produced through adding modified excipients. A plurality of specialized techniques is indispensable during the production process. With its main components being CaO、MgO、SiO2, acid soil conditioner is applicable to all kinds of both cash crops and food crops, especially to leafy vegetables and fruits for the yield increase.


a. Adjust the pH of soil

b. Replenish trace elements and boost soil fertility

c. Increase disease and lodging resistance

d. Passivate heavy metals to decrease heavy metal pollution

e。 Facilitate nitrogen metabolism, and improve the yield and the quality of crops

Application Methods, Application Amount and Note:

Application Methods:This product can be used in groove fertilization or put in the water in furrow irrigation. Spread evenly before ploughing as base fertilizer can achieve the best result.

Application Amount: the specific application amount can be adjusted according to the soil conditions.

Note:This product is mainly used to adjust the pH of the soil to improve crop growth. It cannot replace macro elements fertilizers (e.g. N, P, K fertilizers), and must be combined with compound fertilizers or mixed compound fertilizers.

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