Green Desulfurizer

Generally desulfurizer refers to a kind of chemical agent used for removing the free sulphur or sulphur compound in fuel, raw materials or other materials; concerning the pollutants’ control and treatment process, it mainly refers to the chemical agent for wiping off the sulfur oxide including SO2 and SO3 in the exhaust gas. Various alkali compounds can be regarded as desulfurizer. Desulfurizer used for removing SO2 in stack gases adopts the cheap lime, limestone and a kind of alkaline solution made of calcareous agent. The desulfurizer can absorb most of the sulfur dioxide and fix it in the fuel slag.

The positive effects of Western Environmental Protection’s desulfurizer: on the one hand it makes best use of the waste heat of cement clinker, on the other hand the comprehensive utilization of waste residues in calcium carbide production and cooling problem of hot air from kiln tail in cement clinker production are solved in the meantime, accordingly the total production cost is thus reduced. Above process effects are mainly embodied in the heat energy saving, overall investment saving, production water conservation, industrial waste residues’ and waste heat’s comprehensive utilization.

The advantages of Western Environmental Protection’s desulfurizer: the comparison between traditional desulfurization powder and Western Environmental Protection’s desulfurizer: the amount of CaO for desulfuration in traditional desulfurization powder is between 47 and 54 percent, but that of Western Environmental Protection’s desulfurizer is between 54 and 65 percent, with 10% growth of desulfuration effect than traditional desulfurization powder.

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