The experiment of acidic soil conditioner

Ever since 2013, the company has carried out the fertilizer effect experiment of the soil conditioners in various areas of China, including Conghua, Zengcheng and Jiangmen in Guangdong province and some cities in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. The crops involved in the experiment covered eggplant, rice, Chinese flowering cabbage, tangerine, peanut and so forth. The results showed that the soil conditioners of the company could not only adjust the soil pH effectively and enhance the disease resistance, but improve both the yield and the quality of crops.

With regard to rice, the effective panicles, filled grains per panicle and seed setting rate were upgraded by 6.8%, 13.3% and 19.2% respectively after using soil conditioner 100-150kg per mu. In addition, the PH value raised 0.5-0.8 and the yield was increased by 7%-10%.

According to the results, the growth was quickened significantly after applying 100-150kg soil conditioner per mu in the soil for melon and fruit crops。 Take eggplants as example, the PH value raised 0。5-1。0 and the yield was increased by 15%-20%。 Meanwhile, the disease resistance and the taste of eggplants were improved to varying degrees。

For Chinese flowering cabbage, the number of leaves, the leaf width, the leaf length as well as the stem diameter and the anthracnose resistance were increased significantly after being utilized 75kg of the soil conditioner per acre in the soil. Furthermore, the pH was raised 0.5-0.8 and the yield was increased by 15%-20%.

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